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The following examples of projects for our customers illustrate what is possible with our technology.

tl_files/MC1/Bauteilbilder/stabi_final.png   Stabilisator
  • 50% weight reduction in comparison to steel
  • Continuous fiber architecture
  • Dynamically tested up to 320.000 load changes
  • Every component has the same high quality
  • Up to 30% savings compared to other composite production methods
  • Weight reduction of more than 50% compared to aluminum
  • Continuous fiber architecture
  • Light (740mm length at only 199g) and safe
  • Tested with more than 210kg static load at each side (i.e. less than 99g of CFRP hold 210kg)
tl_files/MC1/dom_web.jpg   Strut brace
  • Full carbon fiber strut brace with bonded metal flanges
  • Hollow profile to ensure optimal performance
  • Approx. 2500N push and pull load
  • Weight reduction compared to (not incl. metal flanges) steel approx. 80%, aluminum approx. 70%
tl_files/MC1/Bauteilbilder/Antriebswelle_frei_klein.png   Driveshaft
  • Integrated load introduction
  • 50% weight reduction compared to steel
  • 20% weight reduction compared to a connected metal flange
  • No failure at the load application
  • Larger bearing distances possible compared to metal
  • Adjustable steering stiffness
  • Unique patented frame design
  • Matchless carbon optics
  • Eurobike award winner 2011
  • 4.9kg Fixie, lightest braided bike in the world
  • Handmade by robots
  • Information on www.braid-bikes.de
  • Prices on request